About CivicBuys

As a key division of Enterprise and Procurement Services at the Foundation for California Community Colleges, CivicBuys specializes in procurement services tailored exclusively for municipalities and state government agencies. We are dedicated to maximizing value and driving down costs in public sector procurement by offering competitive pricing on a broad array of products and services. These range from essential office supplies and equipment to advanced lighting systems and park playground equipment.

Efficient Procurement for Public Sector Entities

CivicBuys is committed to saving substantial amounts of money for public entities each year, providing cost-effective solutions in areas like software, janitorial supplies, and park equipment. By harnessing the collective purchasing power of various government agencies across California, we act as a group purchasing organization to secure the best-value deals.

Expert Team

The CivicBuys team brings together years of expertise in public sector procurement and purchasing strategies, specifically tailored to meet the unique challenges and requirements of government agencies. Our focus is on implementing best practices and reducing operating expenses for public entities. Our team offers guidance on contract management, vendor selection, and effective purchasing solutions, ensuring that each agency finds the most suitable and cost-effective options for its specific needs.