Strata Information Group (SIG)

Strata Information Group (SIG) is a trusted partner in IT solutions and consulting services. Our origins began as technology consulting partners for higher education institutions. Since our inception in 1987, we have worked with over 700 colleges and universities.

Current Term 8/9/2023 - 8/8/2026
Max Term 8/8/2033
Agreement Number #0000-7225

Contact Information

David Goss
Account Executive
M: 760.703.0988
Brent Rhymes
M: 214.862.5019

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SIG's Technology Consulting Solutions for Higher Ed

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SIG's cybersecurity solutions for Higher Ed

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Products and Services offered by Strata Information Group (SIG)

Strategic Consulting

SIG helps you empower your staff for success with change management, process improvement, and project management consulting.

Technology Consulting - Functional & Strategic

SIG can help you get the most out of your technology (ERP, CRM, Cloud, and more) with our full range of technology consulting services including implementation and DBA services.


SIG Cyber is uniquely positioned to partner with your higher education institution to meet your security needs, including Penetration Testing, Compliance Audits, and Consulting Services.

Salesforce Consulting Services

SIG provides comprehensive strategy, implementation, and managed support for Salesforce and leading ecosystem solutions.

Digital Transformation

We work with schools to identify, prioritize, and implement high-impact opportunities for transformation. Our proprietary framework creates value quickly while demonstrating what digital technologies and ways of working can do for your school.

Technology Procurement

SIG has over 30 years of experience matching institutional needs with IT products and services. You can trust you are selecting the right ERP and CRM products and services with SIG.

About Strata Information Group (SIG)

SIG solves problems. Since our inception in 1987, we have been a trusted partner to over 700 higher education institutions globally. Providing technology consulting services, including comprehensive strategy, implementation, and support for a myriad of technology solutions. From Procurement, Business Process, CRM, Cybersecurity, Project and Change Management, to Implementation, BI, and Analytics, our extensive consulting services can help your school reach new levels of success.