Motimatic helps higher ed reach, motivate, and register learners. Our pay-only-for-results solution leverages leading motivation science strategies with digital marketing best practices to deliver improved student engagement, enrollment, and persistence. No software integration required.

Current Term 5/22/2023 - 5/21/2025
Max Term 5/21/2033
Agreement Number #0000-7182

Contact Information

Haley Johnson
Regional Vice President
M: 714.692.7175
Dan Curtis
VP of Education Solutions

Products and Services offered by Motimatic

Recruit Back Stop-Out Learners

When students leave your institution, its hard to reach them and encourage their return. Motimatic helps you engage your stop-out learners where they are with compelling, proven social media content. As a result, more students return.

Enroll Admitted-Not-Registered Learners

You know they are interested in attending your institution, but they're likely balancing multiple competing priorities. Motimatic helps you break through the echo chamber and motivate these admitted-not-registered students to take the next step.

Support At-Risk, Current Students

As students navigate their learning journey, they encounter obstacles -- some of which feel immovable and complicated. Motimatic reminds at-risk current students of campus resources and services while nudging them to register for the upcoming term.

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