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Current Term 11/1/2020 - 10/31/2024
Max Term 10/31/2025
Agreement Number #0000-3972

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Brendan Aldrich
M: 562.409.4000

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Products and Services offered by Invoke Learning

AI-enabled Dashboards

Quickly focus on the actionable information needed to measurably increase engagement, track enrollment, and support student diversity, equity and inclusion.

Deep Analytic Solutions

Use an expansive array of information to quickly identify opportunities to increase enrollment, retention, and student success.


Bring your institutional data together with automatically enriched publicly available data to provide your teams with an immediately queryable source that will supercharge their analytics.

About Invoke Learning

Invoke Learning uses a powerful “whole student” approach to higher education insights empowering each institution with the actionable intelligence needed to ensure positive outcomes for every student.