Hypothesis is an open-source platform that facilitates social annotation, allowing users to collaboratively annotate, highlight, and discuss web pages or PDF documents, fostering a universal layer of conversation over all knowledge on the web.

Current Term 7/10/2023 - 7/9/2026
Max Term 7/9/2033
Agreement Number #0000-7704

Contact Information

Gina Turnage
Senior Account Executive
M: 817.781.6511
E: gina@hypothes.is
Sonja Visser
Head of Education Sales
M: 201.248.7561
E: sonja@hypothes.is

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Products and Services offered by Hypothesis


Hypothesis turns reading from a solitary experience into a social one, strengthening connections between learners and their peers.


Hypothesis lets researchers engage with articles in new and meaningful ways, making the reading experience more interactive and impactful.


Revolutionizing cross-platform collaboration, Hypothesis enables teams to interact with and share knowledge across websites, blogs, research articles, and beyond.

About Hypothesis

Hypothesis is a versatile, open-source platform engineered to facilitate social annotation. It allows users to collaboratively interact with online content through various actions such as annotating, highlighting, and fostering discussions on any web page or PDF document. By doing so, it effectively creates a global conversational layer that spans across the vast expanse of knowledge available on the web. Leveraging the spirit of open-source, Hypothesis promotes collective intelligence and deeper engagement with content. It revolutionizes the way users digest and interpret web-based information, converting passive consumption into active exploration.